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Chris Wilson Sr. started his famous BBQ creations 20-years ago while working for nationally known “Famous Dave’s BBQ”. While working for Dave, Chris opened seven Famous Dave’s restaurants in seven years. During that time, he honed his creative culinary skills. He created his own coveted signature rubs and sauces that are an integral part of the LUCILLE’S BBQ experience. Since opening Lucille's the opportunity for catering has grown more than we could have ever imagined! We here at Lucille's love to help make each event as special and unique as each individual we have the privilege to cater for.   



We serve the best meat in town.
Always fresh BBQ - just off the smoker
Buy Local! Family Owned and Operated
Fast and friendly service


What People Are Saying

Probably one of the consistently best BBQ places around. It's super close to my house, so I tend to go there more than other places. BBQ sauce is top notch and my favorite is the Texas. It's sweet and spicy.

Still haven't been there early enough to get the burnt ends, so I have no idea if they are good but if they are always out, they must be, right?

Daniel Hicks

We've been all across the country in the past few years, and have had our share of BBQ. This place is top 10 best places.

We were/are Shigs and Pit fans, but knowing this is closer to where we live, it easily compares to Shigs. Trust me, it's good

Joe Savino

Meat is amazing. The sides are weird but whatever. MEAT!!!! Brisket, burnt ends and rib tips are all smoked perfect. Many different sauces to choose from. Service is friendly and fast. My favorite bbq in Fort Wayne

Katherine Crouch

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